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It’s Time for Sharpened Pencils, Pumpkins, and Painting!

Fall is packed with great things worthy of eager anticipation. But did you know that when kids are going back to school, it’s the best time to paint your home interior or exterior? Autumn weather can be more unpredictable than spring and summer, but fall is an excellent time to paint your home! As always,... Read more

Choosing an Exterior House Paint Color in 2023

The color or combination of colors used to paint the exterior of your house can make an impact in a variety of ways. Color sets the mood and tone for the rest of the architectural and landscaping elements on the property. Color can also create a unique inner feeling when you look at the house... Read more

Common Exterior Home Paint Problems

As a homeowner in the Greater Hartford, CT, area, you know how the weather can take a toll on your home’s exterior paint. As a result, it’s not uncommon for paint problems to occur. These problems can range from minor annoyances to major headaches. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the most common paint... Read more

Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Choose from trending kitchen cabinet colors to enliven the heart of your home. A kitchen makeover can be achieved with a mere change in the color of your cabinets. If you leave the work to the painting professionals at Franklin Painting, you are assured to love the finished result. Get advice from our staff colorist... Read more

When You Should Prime Before Painting

Do you know when you should prime before painting? Because many people just assume that priming before painting is always needed-but that’s not the case. It can save a lot of money and produce flawless results when you apply inside knowledge. Call Franklin Painting if you want gorgeous results from interior and exterior painting because... Read more

Paint Sheen Levels Explained

Have you ever noticed that the color of your wall looks different throughout the day? The reason behind this is the sheen of the paint. Paint sheen refers to the amount of light that reflects off a surface, and the higher the sheen, the shinier or glossier the finish. Sheen plays a crucial role in... Read more

Most Popular Paint Colors

Mixing paint colors comes naturally to artists, who use the skill to transfer onto a blank canvas what they’ve envisioned. Today’s most popular paint colors for the home reflect that same artistry. It’s mind-boggling to think that variations of white paint alone are endless. Some of the best paint brands share their most popular paint... Read more

Is It Safe to Have Young Kids and Pets in a Freshly Painted Home?

If interior painting is overdue, you may be wondering if it is safe to have young kids and pets in a freshly painted home. This is a common dilemma that parents and pet owners face when drab or dirty walls need an update. But thanks to innovations in paint technology, the answer is a resounding... Read more

How To Cover Dark Paint

There was a time when dark paint colors were in vogue. Fast forward fifty years, and how times have changed. Today, light neutral interior paint colors are the norm. They brighten up small rooms, making them look spacious. Lighter colors also give a space a warm and inviting vibe, perfect for relaxing on the sofa... Read more

Ceiling Painting 101

Painting a ceiling offers unique challenges. The Ceiling Painting 101 tips here are devoted to those unique aspects of the task. Standard painting tips aren’t included—those having to do with making any exterior or interior paint job a success. Things will really look up for you, though, if you call Franklin Painting LLC to do... Read more

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