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Got Mildew? What to Do Before Repainting

Moisture can have a damaging effect on homes for a variety of reasons, and mildew is among the problems caused by excess moisture. Many homeowners make the mistake of painting over mildew. Taking steps to eliminate mildew growth and control moisture before painting are two measures which can save you money by preventing further damage... Read more

Tips for Choosing Foolproof Interior Paint Colors

Are you preparing to invest in new interior paint? There are virtually foolproof steps that can be taken to ensure that you choose paint colors you will be happy with. Getting it wrong can result in frustration and possibly the expense of a complete do-over. Many homeowners, unfortunately, end up with interior paint colors that... Read more

Common Interior Painting Problems Plus Solutions to Fix Them

There’s a reason professional painters will always be in demand. Painting interiors can be as much of a challenge as painting home exteriors. For those homeowners brave enough to tackle interior painting, getting the job done right requires information about potential problems and how to prevent them from occurring. Check out the following solutions for... Read more

Forecasts of 2014 Favorite Paint Colors

As an annual fall tradition, paint companies release their forecasts for what the favorite paint colors will be among their customers in the coming new year. Their guesstimates are primarily based on the paint colors that are their current best sellers. The information is precise because the paint companies are able to keep track of... Read more

10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Particular Paint Contractor

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for drab interiors and exteriors.  Employing a paint contractor to get the job done for you is worth the extra cost but only if you make the right hiring decision.  To ensure that your paint project doesn’t come with regrets, all you need to do is a... Read more

Paint your Most Forgettable Room an Unforgettable Shade

Your laundry room doesn’t have to be a dreaded space that is as unappealing as faded whites. Since it is a part of the home which serves a useful purpose, why not give it a meaningful makeover with paint so that you enjoy doing potentially mundane chores? Paint, along with harmonizing decorative touches, could transform... Read more

Four Pro Painter Secrets that Make a Difference

The interior paint job in your home directly impacts overall quality perception and whether there is an excellent or sub-par impression created.  A poorly painted room is not one that you can take a lot of pride in showing off.  Professional painters know how to create the desired impact, and they make the most out... Read more

Exterior Paint and the Influence of Weather

An exterior paint project can be ruined by weather conditions, before, during, and after the work is done. The more you know, the better equipped you are to avoid making a regrettable and possibly very costly error. Take weather into consideration every step of the way. If you are painting in cold temperatures, it’s best... Read more

Choose Paint Color According to Gender, Appetite, Mood

When you set out to paint a room, why not base your paint color choice on discoveries made in scientific research? Experts say that how we see color is a matter of high science, as photoreceptors in our retinas translate various wavelengths of light energy into colors. Then there is the way people process colors,... Read more

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