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Tips for Planning the Perfect Interior Paint Colors

Painting your home interior is potentially a frustrating experience. Besides having to choose paint colors from limitless options, there is the possibility you won’t be happy with the results. Fortunately, there are certain practical considerations you can make which simplify the process of choosing colors for your home’s interior. Room Dimensions Evaluate each room to... Read more

What to Do about Paint Touch-ups on Interior Walls

Beautifully painted walls don’t stay that way forever. The need for touch-ups on painted interior walls is something to think about in advance. Not only can you avoid headaches by choosing a type of paint that is easy to work with when small repairs are needed, you should be careful to save some of the... Read more

Mistakes to Avoid for a Quality Exterior Paint Job that Will Last

Many of us have become accustomed to all kinds of instant gratification, from fast-food restaurants to electronics which keep us totally connected to the world in a moment’s time. But if there is ever an occasion in which to slow down and take care to get things right the first time, it’s when painting the... Read more

Are Neutral or Colorful Paints Best for Home Staging?

Anyone who wants to sell their house quickly should become familiar with the best approaches for home staging. When sellers make a property look more welcoming and attractive, buyers respond with swifter, more generous offers. Applying a fresh coat of paint on every wall and porch rail and everything in between is something every designer... Read more

How to Properly Use Masking Tape when Painting Walls

Clean lines are an integral part of well-painted walls, but messy work can be a source of frustration. Hire our professional painters, and you are assured a finish that will make you proud. To achieve a do-it-yourself paint project that you can be satisfied with, one challenging procedure you’ll need to get right is the... Read more

5 Interior Painting Secrets of the Professionals

There is virtually always a distinct difference between the quality of a professional paint job and a do-it-yourself project.  Painting interiors and exteriors is also a lot less frustrating an experience for knowledgeable professionals.  How do the pros do it?  Well, they know all the little secrets handed down through time, from industry professional to... Read more

Tips for Creating the Ideal Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms have become a new norm, but there’s nothing common about the possibilities for breathtaking design.  Color and creativity are at the forefront of designing an outdoor living space.  The exterior paint colors you choose are only part of the equation.  The overall color scheme involves the colors in the garden, the style of... Read more

Making it Work: Painting a Wall in Simple Black

One of the easiest ways to add excitement to your home décor is by painting the walls in a new shade.  There are many bold designs which are considered stylish today, and painting walls black is among the hottest trends.  Black has always been a popular color used in interior design.  Black desks, couches, dining... Read more

Completely Transform Your Interior With a New Theme

Once you decide to make a change to your interior, why not go all out and make your home even more a joy to return to than it is now? It’s easier than ever to put all of your creativity behind a project. Paint colors come in a seemingly endless variety and can be elegant,... Read more

Tips for Choosing Exterior House Paint Colors

When it comes time to paint your home’s exterior, no need to get stressed out over what paint colors to choose, even though literally thousands of exterior colors are available.  The best solution isn’t necessarily to simply choose the same colors again, because where’s the excitement in that?  Break out of both stress and boredom... Read more

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