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Spice Up Your Home With an Accent Wall

If you want to add some real zest to your home, one way to accomplish it is with an accent wall.  Rooms that are painted the same color throughout don’t have nearly the impact of a room with an accent wall.  But for this outstanding decorative strategy to work nicely, there are a few things... Read more

Haint Blue, a Traditional Paint Color with a Haunted History

Painting porch ceilings blue is a practice originally adopted in the old South, inspired by several myths and superstitions.  The Southern tradition made its way north and has had a revival with new generations of homeowners.  There are a few interesting and compelling reasons you might choose to carry on this American ritual and paint... Read more

Bathroom Painting Tips and Ideas

For some people, the bathroom is a virtual sanctuary.  Alicia Keys said, “If I want to be alone, someplace I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”  Have you considered making a change to your bathroom décor so that... Read more

Get Your Deck Ready for Summer Fun

Is your deck in good condition for summer get-togethers and everyday use?  As you may be well aware, a deck is one of the most difficult parts of a home to keep in tiptop shape.  The difference between a new, nicely stained deck and one that has long been exposed to the elements without maintenance... Read more

The Secrets of a Perfect Paint Job

When you hire a professional painter to transform your rooms for you, there’s not really any need to worry about the details involved with getting the job done.  When you do it yourself, on the other hand, it pays off to do some research about the task ahead.  Other than the essential decision about what... Read more

Why You Need a Professional Painter

Do you consider the careful monitoring of drips to avoid getting them on the floor, windows, and furniture the biggest hassle of an interior paint job? If so, there may be more to consider than you’ve realized. While painting your interior walls is a cost-effective way to give your home a beautiful facelift, there are... Read more

Stucco & Brick Painting Tips

Tips for Revitalizing Your Home with Brick and Stucco Painting There was a time when neither stucco nor brick were painted as a way of refreshing your home’s look.  Instead, there had to be a complete tear down and rebuild.  Those days are over.  It’s now possible to paint your brick and stucco structures and get excellent... Read more

Painting Faux Stone Effects

Create Faux Stone Walls Using a Painting Technique Painting the interior of your home does not have to be as simplistic as choosing a color or two. Artistic wall designs may be more your style, and there is virtually no limit to the look you can create with paint. Whatever your style or taste, you... Read more

The Thorny Task of Cleaning Flat Painted Walls

Cleaning Flat Painted Walls is a Tough Job! Done with a Gentle Touch. When choosing the type of paint to use in your home’s interior, a good question to ask is: How difficult is it to clean? There are several varieties of paint that you can choose from and none are as problematic as flat... Read more

Choosing Colors for Exterior House Painting in CT

Whether you need to choose a paint color for your newly constructed home or it’s time to give your house a fresh coat of paint, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing the color scheme. Painting your home’s exterior is something you shouldn’t need to do again for a long time, fortunately; so... Read more

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