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Tips for Choosing a Front Door Paint Color

Did you know that the old standard of choosing a front door paint color in basic black, green, or red is a dying tradition? People everywhere are branching out with their paint colors; they are realizing that the front door of your home is an introduction to the world inside. But perhaps the best kept... Read more

10 Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for your home, inside and out.  You can hire a painting professional to make sure the job is done right and to avoid the hassles that naturally come along with painting.  But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it will help if you know about common mistakes that people often... Read more

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper

Meet The People Who Help Make Franklin Painting Your Best Choice!     Frank Campanelli is the owner of Franklin Painting LLC, which he established in 1986. He is proud of the great reputation that has been earned by the employees who do their best every day for every customer. Read more

Use Paint to Create an Illusion of Spaciousness

Do you have one or more rooms in your home that seem like cramped spaces? There are several things you can do to create the illusion that the room is bigger and roomier than it actually is. When painting small spaces, your choice of paint color is an important part of successfully creating this impression.... Read more

How to Prepare Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Do you know what the most important step is when painting the exterior of your home? It’s actually not the painting itself.  Instead, it’s  actually the preparation of the surface you are painting.  Proper preparation (or lack of it) is what primarily determines the outcome.  Keep in mind that your home’s exterior paint job is... Read more

How to Prep a Room for Painting

We've been the best choice for house painting in CT for 27 years! Our long record of quality work and outstanding attention to customer service has earned us top ratings & reviews. Choose the best, Choose Franklin! Join Frank Campanelli as he spends a morning visiting crews on the jobin Farmington, Avon, Simsbury & Glastonbury,... Read more

Chalk One Up for Paint With Real Magnetism

Did you know that an interior painting project can produce a lot more than fresh colors to enhance your décor?  A paint with perhaps the biggest variety of exciting possibilities is Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint.  Don’t think this choice is old school because the fact is that using chalkboard paint is a hot... Read more

Spice Up Your Home With an Accent Wall

If you want to add some real zest to your home, one way to accomplish it is with an accent wall.  Rooms that are painted the same color throughout don’t have nearly the impact of a room with an accent wall.  But for this outstanding decorative strategy to work nicely, there are a few things... Read more

Haint Blue, a Traditional Paint Color with a Haunted History

Painting porch ceilings blue is a practice originally adopted in the old South, inspired by several myths and superstitions.  The Southern tradition made its way north and has had a revival with new generations of homeowners.  There are a few interesting and compelling reasons you might choose to carry on this American ritual and paint... Read more

Bathroom Painting Tips and Ideas

For some people, the bathroom is a virtual sanctuary.  Alicia Keys said, “If I want to be alone, someplace I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want – I go to the bathroom.”  Have you considered making a change to your bathroom décor so that... Read more

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