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The Best Time to Paint your Home Exterior?

There is almost no other way to instantly upgrade the image and curb appeal of your home, than by painting the exterior. If you want to change the look of your home, when is the best time to paint? We tend to want to strike when the iron is hot as soon as the idea... Read more

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors: Why They Work

Just one coat of paint can completely change the way your home looks and feels. Selecting the right color for your home’s exterior can be tricky. Ideally, your home’s exterior paint color will enhance its architecture and design features rather than clashing with them. Here are some of the most popular exterior paint colors right... Read more

When is It Too Cold to Paint?

If you know anything about painting, then you know that the outside temperature can greatly affect the way paint dries and adheres to different surfaces. In very hot temperatures, the paint will bubble, blister, and easily peel away from the surface. Humidity has similarly damaging effects, especially on latex and oil-based paints. Brown spots can... Read more

5 Reasons to Paint Your Home in the Fall

The pleasure of owning a home is coupled with the need to make timely home improvement projects. Painting your home in the fall, for instance, is the perfect season for an overhaul of your home’s appearance. Many don’t realize that, for practical reasons, autumn is the best time for home painting, both interior and exterior.... Read more

The Perfect Time to Paint Your Home is When Kids are In School

Is painting your home interior among the things hindered by having the kids underfoot, whether due to a pandemic or summertime? Well, now is the perfect time to paint since kids are back in school. Reasons to paint when the children aren’t around can range from safety to sanity issues. After all, the children’s degrees... Read more

Problems To Avoid When Painting Your Room

Painting is one of those Do-it-yourself projects that everyone attempts at least once. Having a room transformed by picking the right paint color and taking the time to do the job right is tremendously rewarding. If a room in your house is could use a new coat of paint, here are some things you should... Read more

How to Paint Over a Dark Color

There’s no need to look with dread at a room painted in a dark shade when you prefer a lighter hue. Making the change is not difficult to do once you know how to paint over a dark color. A total lack of patience is one possible hitch, and a lack of sufficient time to... Read more

Is It Necessary to Prime Walls Before Painting?

“Change is the only constant,” is wisdom from Greek philosopher Heraclitus that applies to the issue of using a primer. Previously “yes” was considered the best answer to the question, “Is it necessary to prime walls before painting?” Now, it’s more accurate to evaluate the situation before deciding. Continued improvements made in high-quality paints can... Read more

Eggshell vs. Semi-Gloss Paint

Painting in just the right shades and glosses for maximum visual effect is a worldwide preoccupation. Even with numberless options, there is distinction in the eggshell vs semi gloss paint debate. Arm yourself with answers to this enduring question by reading on. Helpful solutions to this and many other interior painting questions are also available... Read more

What Are the Various Paint Sheens?

So, you’re planning on updating your home in Farmington, CT, and have settled on the perfect paint color for your interior painting project. Now all you need to do is select the right paint sheen for the rooms you are painting. Don’t worry; the pros here at Franklin Painting are here to walk you through... Read more

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