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Faux Finishes can Make Your Interior a Real Work of Art

We've been the best choice for house painting in CT for 27 years!Our long record of quality work and outstanding attention to customer service has earned us top ratings & reviews.Choose the best, Choose Franklin! Join Frank Campanelli as he spends a morning visiting crews on the jobin Farmington, Avon, Simsbury & Glastonbury, CT -... Read more

Select Your Sheen: How to Choose the Paint Finish

After the arduous color selection process is finally complete, there is still one small part left to choose. While the type of finish used may not seem like a big deal, the amount of shine added to a color can drastically change how it appears. But don’t worry! Figuring out the right paint finish to... Read more

Kitchen Renovation and Cabinet Refinishing

A short time ago Franklin Painting LLC crews transformed this Glastonbury, CT kitchen in a dramatic fashion. All the existing maple cabinets were reconditioned and refinished with a clear coating. The refrigerator and oven cabinetry work was finished to match the existing kitchen cabinets. A new island was installed with raised paneling on one side... Read more

Finding Just The Right White

by Frank Campanelli – frank.campanelli@gmail.com At first thought you may think that white is the simplest choice for painting a room, until it comes time to pick out your paint color. But wait…white is just white, right? Unfortunately for the indecisive homeowner, this is not the case. There are many choices when it comes to... Read more

Colorful Exterior House Painting

Aren’t You Glad You Don’t Have Neighbors Like This? by Frank Campanelli – frank.campanelli@gmail.com Having a bit of fun with this blog post. Hopefully you will enjoy looking around the country and in Europe too at some of the most outrageous and odd house painting ideas. Many towns, homeowners associations and deed restrictions guard against... Read more

Painting Ceilings Can Liven Up Your Interior

Looking to Liven Up Your Interior This Winter? Try Painting Your Ceilings – You Will Be Amazed At The Difference It Can Make! by Frank Campanelli – frank.campanelli@gmail.com One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room is to paint the ceiling with a fresh coat of paint. It is really amazing to experience... Read more

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing in CT

Your kitchen is the center of your home and your lifestyle. It is the hub of much of the daily activity of your family. You may love your kitchen, the layout may be perfect for your needs but maybe it has just lost its cosmetic appeal. Styles change and finishes become worn and lose their... Read more

How to Choose Colors for Interior Painting

by Frank Campanelli – frank.campanelli@gmail.com The old days of using one color throughout the house with another shade for the trim has long passed. Today’s decorators and homeowners embrace the rainbow of colors available to make the home’s interior beautiful and create a special environment for your individual tastes and lifestyle. But with so many... Read more

A Brief History of House Painting

by Frank Campanelli – frank.campanelli@gmail.com Today we all take choices of colors and brands of house paint for granted. You can visit your local paint store and browse countless shades and hues of every virtually every color in the rainbow. Just bring in a swash of fabric or any colored sample and it can be... Read more

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