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Historically Accurate Paint Colors for Your Older Home

Choosing historically accurate paint colors for the interior and exterior of your older home is the best way to celebrate and showcase the glory of its past. Research has always been considered a reliable tool for choosing paint colors that reflect the original appearance of an older home. In recent decades, however, advances in technology... Read more

Guide to Warm vs. Cool Paint Colors

Are you trying to pick out paint colors for your home? The first question to ask is what mood you want for the room. Paint color doesn’t just impact your home décor; it influences how you and your guests feel in a room. A warm, energetic color in your office can help you feel inspired... Read more

Should You Paint Your Porch?

The front porch is the one space in your home that creates the most first impressions. A freshly painted porch will not only enhance your home’s curb appeal but also creates a more inviting and welcoming entrance that sets the tone for the rest of the home. When choosing colors to paint your porch, you... Read more

Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House

If you are considering a fresh coat of home exterior paint before putting your house on the market, the paint colors you choose could help to sell your house. On the other hand, making an unfortunate selection could bog down homebuyer interest. So, it’s important to choose wisely. The following are tips on choosing exterior home... Read more

Tips for Selecting Your Exterior Paint

Nothing impacts your home’s curb appeal more than the exterior paint. A fresh coat of paint can make an old house look new. In contrast, peeling paint makes your home look dilapidated and can leave your exterior vulnerable to the elements. It’s essential to choose a timeless paint color that will last. Exterior paint is... Read more

Best Paint Colors for Guest Rooms

The most important goal in planning a guest room is to create a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere, and the best paint colors for guest rooms will help. The environment should help visitors relax and get a good night of sleep. Rather than making a guest room especially feminine or masculine, it’s usually best to focus on... Read more

Choosing Home Color Schemes

Many homeowners choose to remodel an existing home instead of moving to a new home, which typically includes updating the interior paint colors with a modern and trendy color scheme. It can instantly transform a dull and dreary interior into a warm and inviting living space. However, it can be challenging to pick a suitable... Read more

Creative & Colorful Bathroom Ideas

Are you tired of your bathroom’s design? You aren’t alone. Bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms to remodel. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of a renovation, you can transform your bathroom by updating the paint color! Changing the color of the walls or cabinet colors can make you feel... Read more

5 Ways to Break the Rules for Painting a Kid’s Room

When painting a kid’s bedroom, it’s time to break the “grown-up” rules and let your creative juices flow. A kid’s bedroom is unlike any other room in the house. It is their personal space, so incorporating their favorite colors, shapes, and themes into the design will give them a sense of pride. To help get... Read more

Can Accent Walls Refine Your Home’s Appearance?

Accent walls are an attractive way to introduce a splash of color that will make an interior space more visually appealing. Interior decorators often use accent walls to create an interesting focal point or to highlight a fireplace or other decorative element that will refine a home’s appearance. So, what really is an accent wall?... Read more

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