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Dog Safety & Interior Painting Projects

Interior Painting Safety Tips for PetsIt’s winter. You want to paint the interior of your home. You have two Jack Russells who want to help. Better read the rest of this fast.

Dogs are so loveable and kind. They’re like part of our family, and there’s just about nothing we wouldn’t do for them. In fact, not only do we consider our canine pets part of our family, they consider us part of theirs and are always at the ready to be involved in whatever activity is going on.

When that activity is indoor painting, dogs aren’t always the best addition to the mix. This goes for when you’re doing the painting yourself or when you’re having the job done by professionals.

Because dogs don’t understand what paint is, they have no problem brushing up against a freshly painted wall or traipsing through spills around the paint can. The tracks they then leave on the expensive hallway carpet might look cute in a movie, but to you, the homeowner, they look like a bill for carpet cleaning.

As the weather turns colder, most dogs spend more time indoors where it’s warm and cozy. If you’re going to undertake an interior painting project, you don’t necessarily have to banish your “best friend” to the cold backyard, but you do need to prevent any problems he may inadvertently cause.

To some dogs, painting = time to play

There are different levels of concern when a dog is in a room being painted. These depend on the dog himself. Like in our above example of Jack Russell terriers, this breed is known for being highly active and very curious. These and similar-tempered dogs don’t belong in a room where painting is going on. To a feisty dog, the handle of a wet paint brush might appear to be an ideal toy to grab and run away with, slinging paint all over everything he passes.

You don’t want a painted dog

Then there are long-hair breeds like Shih-Tzus and Cocker Spaniels. The last thing you need is to get a bunch of paint in their hair. You don’t want to spend time washing out the paint, and assuming you don’t spot the paint-matted hair in time, you certainly don’t want a trip to the groomer for a haircut.

Safety first

Along with your dog helping to paint the house and paint himself, another reason to keep the majority of dogs out of areas being painted is safety. Painters are very focused when they work, and they often move around the work area carrying brushes, rollers and cans or buckets of paint. What happens when the painter starts backing up to view his work and the family Great Dane – who’s about as big as a couch – is right behind his feet?

An accident is what happens, one that could injure the painter in a fall and that could create an unholy mess in the room. Most dogs love people and like to be near them. But a room in the middle of being painted is not the place for social affection between man and beast.

What to do with the dog?

Professional Painting Safety TipsWhen you’re doing winter painting, consider these solutions for your dog:

  1. Place him in a closed room that’s not being painted.
  2. Keep him in the backyard if it’s not too cold for his size and breed.
  3. Enlist neighbors or friends to dog-sit at their house.
  4. Board him temporarily in a kennel.

Franklin Painting of Connecticut believes that safety is paramount in all painting situations. If you need professional help in painting your interiors this winter, give us a call at (877) 646-7774. We’ll be happy to meet your “best friend,” but we can probably complete the job without his help!

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