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Hottest Kitchen Paint Trends & Nifty Fresh Interior Paint

Going with one of the hottest kitchen paint trends for your home is highly practical. It is, in fact, not simply a “keeping ahead of the Joneses” kind of thing. Choose from among the current hot kitchen paint trends listed below to enjoy multiple benefits that only nifty fresh interior paint can provide. Why Fresh... Read more

How To Pick The Right Shade of Gray

Finding the perfect shade of gray for your home can be a challenge because there are dozens of options. Most importantly, how the paint looks on your walls depends on the natural and artificial light in your home, along with the furniture, fixtures, and materials in the room. Don’t despair! Follow these tips to narrow... Read more

Kitchen Paint Colors That Work With Oak Cabinets

A kitchen remodel can be as affordable as painting the walls in a way that accentuates the beauty of your cabinets. The toughest part is to sort out the kitchen paint colors that work best with the unique color attributes and natural grains of the wood on your oak cabinets. The suggestions that follow are... Read more

How To Hire a Painting Contractor

Are you ready to give a boost to your interior space with fresh, new paint colors? To ensure a flawless question “how do you hire a painting contractor” is the one to ask. It’s not always easy to find reliable contractors, but Franklin Painting has been winning over Farmington CT area customers since 1986. In... Read more

Interior Painting Tips for a Flawless Finish

Painting your home’s interior may seem like a job for amateurs of all levels, but it is essential to gather pro interior painting tips for a flawless finish. Producing expert results requires certain skill and know-how. That’s why painters like the professionals at Franklin Painting LLC in Farmington CT are trusted by homeowners and business... Read more

Is It Time for a Fresh Coat of Interior Paint?

Are you wondering if your home interior is ready for an update? COVID-19 has forced all of us to spend extra time in our houses. Working and playing at home during this time has sparked a renaissance of home improvement projects. If you’ve been looking at your walls wondering if they could use a fresh... Read more

How to Paint Over Dark Colors the Easy Way

Achieving a good paint job is rarely as effortless as people think unless tackling coverage over dark paint. If you want to know how to paint over dark colors the easy way, there is good news. What you do for coverage of a darker paint than what you are going to replace it with is... Read more

How to Match Paint to Surface Types

Among the great reasons to entrust home painting to professionals is that they know why and how to match paint to surface types. There are many nuances to painting that distinguish a flawless outcome from one that fails to please. Correctly matching paint to surface types, however, is easy to achieve once you have the... Read more

What Paint Can You Use in High Moisture Areas?

Are you planning to paint a bathroom, kitchen, or another high-moisture area? Tackling an interior paint project in a room with high humidity requires extra preparation prior to painting. If you don’t choose the right type of interior paint for your Connecticut home, it may end up peeling, cracking, or becoming a breeding ground for... Read more

Want To Sell Your Home? Consider Neutral Paint Colors

When planning to sell your home, real estate experts agree that painting your home in a neutral color will increase its curb appeal, help attract more buyers, and may even increase its selling price. Although we’re in a hot real estate market here in the Gilbert and Phoenix area, sellers are still competing with thousands... Read more

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