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When Not to Paint the Exterior of Your House

Professional painters achieve flawless finishes by applying what they know to do or not to do. For example, knowing when not to paint the exterior of your house can make all the difference. A paint job may even be spoiled because indicators of unsuitable conditions were ignored, but you had no clue to watch out... Read more

Reasons To Do Interior Painting In The Summer

While spring is known as the season when we clean the house, summer is the best time for interior painting in Hartford, CT, and surrounding townships. Pairing spring cleaning with summer painting goes hand-in-hand like a ball and glove. All the holiday decorations are stored, the kids put away their new toys, the in-laws are... Read more

Best Exterior House Colors of 2023

The best exterior house colors of 2023, in large part, have a dark side that turns tradition on its head. Not necessarily so with the color chosen by Yardzen, an online landscape design company that only suggests one winning hue. It is a great time to paint your house if you’re tired of the same... Read more

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is often chosen for its durability, but can you paint vinyl siding? Yes, vinyl siding can be painted but it’s best not done with too much haste. Read on below to learn about possible hindrances and reasons why painting your vinyl siding may not be the best long-term solution for your home. For... Read more

Spring is the Best Time To Paint Your House

Once the weather moves from the colder temperatures of winter to more warm and pleasant ones, homeowners begin thinking about all the home projects they’d like to complete. House painting is often on those to-do lists. But when is the best time to tackle an undertaking like that? At Franklin Painting LLC, we want to... Read more

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors

It’s natural to be a little intimidated when deciding on new colors for your home. Familiarity with trendy exterior paint colors can give you confidence. If you want to eliminate worries about the overall outcome of exterior painting, give Franklin Painting LLC a call. They have a staff colorist who can help you choose a... Read more

How to Paint Over Already Painted Walls

If someone asks how to paint over already painted walls, it shows that they may be insightful. Nothing about painting should be approached with nonchalance. That’s why so many people rely on the pros at Franklin Painting to handle painting projects of all sizes. Helpful tips for do-it-yourselfers follow on what to consider when painting... Read more

Can You Use Emulsion Paint on Wood?

You may be in the middle of a spring refurbishment at your home and are considering painting your wood front door with emulsion paint. It worked great on your walls and ceiling, but is that the best choice? You may ask- can you use emulsion paint on wood? The answer depends on what you are... Read more

What Paint Thinner Is and How to Use It

Paint thinner is a product whose name seems to tell what it’s for. But the answers you get by exploring what paint thinner is and how to use it may surprise you. Paint thinners are solvents that dissolve paint, reduce the viscosity of paint, and have many different uses for general cleanup. Specifics follow. Use... Read more

What to Consider When Painting Your Bathroom

“Bathroom paint” isn’t a thing per se, but it helps to know what to consider when painting your bathroom. Of course, you want to choose colors you’ll enjoy for a long time to come. But it’s best to start with a paint that will perform well in a moist environment. After you decide on your... Read more

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