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FAQs – Cabinet Refinishing

CT Professional Painters provide kitchen cabinet refinishing services for Farmington CT, Avon CT, Simsbury CT, Newington CT, West Hartford CT, and all of central Connecticut.

Here’s the process:  Using our online estimate request form, homeowners will upload pictures showing an overall view of their cabinetry project.  Homeowners will also need to complete the entire form indicating contact information and goals for the specific cabinet units. Our professional cabinet refinishers will then contact the homeowners to discuss details & estimates.  If the estimate is accepted, we will then proceed with a visit and finish samples.

 Do you charge for cabinetry estimates?

No. Cabinetry refinishing estimates are free as described above.


What is the best way to refinish cabinets?

Our professionals can refinish your cabinets to give your kitchen a brand new appearance. Call us for more details on our cabinet refinishing services.


Can you refinish dark cabinets in a light color?

No, we do not strip and re-stain cabinets to a lighter color.


Is the cabinetry work guaranteed or warranted?

Yes, we offer a 2 year warranty on our professional cabinetry work; we guarantee your satisfaction.


What about the cabinet hardware?

You can pick the hardware you want.  We’d be happy to fill unmatched holes and install the new hardware once we complete the cabinet refinishing.


Can I use my kitchen when you are working?

It won’t be possible to use your kitchen while our professionals are actively working to refinish your cabinets, but it’s normally tied up for only a few days.


Does Franklin Painting do commercial refinishing?

Yes. Although our main focus in residential cabinet refinishing, we also provide commercial cabinet refinishing services as well.


What kind of paint or stain is used to refinish cabinets?

A catalyzed (hardener added) lacquer is used to provide a quality refinish on all of your cabinetry.


What is catalyzed lacquer spray paint?

It’s similar to automotive paint and provides a durable & long-lasting application.


Why does Franklin Painting spray paint cabinets when refinishing?

Our painting and refinishing professionals spray paint cabinets so that we can achieve a factory look without brush marks.


Why can’t my cabinets just be painted with brushes and rollers?

Refinishing your cabinets with a brush or roller not only takes longer, but brushable paint will show brush marks and last only a few years before degrading to a nasty mess.


How long does a typical kitchen cabinet refinishing job take?

Kitchen cabinet refinishing general takes a week or less depending on the size of the kitchen. Our professional crew works quickly and efficiently to ensure that our job is completed on time and at budget so we do not interfere with much of your daily life activities.


What do I need to do before the painters arrive?

You do NOT need to empty your cabinets before we refinish them, although we do recommend removing anything that is fragile or breakable. You will also need to clear countertops to ensure enough open work space.


Do cabinets need to be stripped before refinishing?

We do NOT strip cabinets before refinishing, save for very damaged ones. Contact one of our professional painting & refinishing experts to find out more about our cabinet refinishing process.