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FAQs – Interior Painting

Our CT professional painters provide interior house painting services for Connecticut including towns like Farmington, Hartford, Windsor, Middletown, Simsbury, Granby, Glastonbury, and the surrounding areas.

How does Franklin prepare for interior painting?

Our professional painting crew spends a great deal of time properly preparing the interior of your home before we begin applying paint. We protect any areas not receiving paint, and we clean and/or sand most surfaces, smooth or patch as appropriate, and prime where necessary. This ensures that every interior paint project we complete is of top quality and will last for years to come.


What do I need to do before the painters arrive?

The best way to prepare before our professional painters arrive is to pick the paint colors to be applied, get fragile items stowed, and designate which holes to fill.  We offer to move heavy items to the center of the room for you.


Does Franklin Painting use a primer coat?

Before applying the first coat of paint, we prime to achieve specific performance objectives like stain blocking, sealing patches for proper finish gloss, or adhesion.


Is there a best time of year to do interior painting?

No, interior painting projects can be completed any time of year, but it’s best to have it done BEFORE you absolutely need it.  Modern materials & painting supplies make for a much more pleasant experience than years past.


Can you help me choose an interior color?

Yes.  We offer a 90 minute color consultation with a professional interior design artist when you purchase an interior painting project.


Do we need to be home when painting is done?

No.  Your presence is not necessary while we paint. Our professional painting crew would simply need access to the project areas prior to you leaving for the day.


Do I need to move all the furniture out of the rooms?

No.  Our professional painting crew will be happy to handle moving the furniture as a courtesy.


Do I need to remove all curtains, paintings and wall décor?

No.  Our goal is to keep things as simple for the homeowner as possible. Our professional painters will remove curtains, paintings, and other wall décor prior to starting room & paint preparations.


Will my carpets and flooring be protected?

Yes. During room preparation, carpets, flooring, and rugs will all be covered to ensure that no paint come in contact with these items during the painting process.


Do you paint ceilings?

Yes.  Whether you prefer a textured or smooth paint appearance on your ceilings, we can do both.


How do I choose the right sheen?

When choosing the right sheen for your painting & finishing projects, remember that wood should have the shine you want, but walls look better with less shine.


Does Franklin Painting remove and install wallpaper?

Yes. Beyond just painting projects, we also install wallpaper and offer wallpaper removal services.


What about textured walls or ceilings?

We can both remove and install textured ceilings and walls; we do a great job at matching existing textures on patches. Our painting professionals are highly-skilled and trained to handle these tasks well.


Is there special paint for bathrooms?

Yes. We use an interior paint for bathrooms that is resistant to mildew.


Can Franklin Painting just do interior touch ups?

Yes. Whether you want a full room paint job or just some interior paint touch ups, our professional painting crew is here to help.


What if we have drywall damage?

We can repair damaged drywall before we paint so that it will be as if there was never an issue to begin with.


How often should I paint my interior?

We encourage homeowners to paint the interior of their house as often as they can. We advocate keeping up with the trend of the color of year.  J (By the way the 2014 color of the year is:  6263 Exclusive Plum for Sherwin Williams and 806 Breath of Fresh Air for Benjamin Moore.)