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Home Maintenance Services and Commercial Maintenance

Our professional crew offers home maintenance services like roof cleaning, deck refinishing, power washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning for residents in Central Connecticut including towns like Farmington CT, Avon CT, West Hartford CT, South Windsor CT, Bloomfield CT, Kensington CT, Bristol CT, New Britain CT, and Portland CT.

Franklin Painting offers more than just interior & exterior painting services! We also gladly provide home maintenance & commercial maintenance services.

Pressure Washing • Power Washing • Gutter Cleaning • Roof Cleaning • Deck Cleaning • Window Cleaning

home maintenance roof cleaning - farmington ctRoof Cleaning

Years of build-up can really create an unsightly mess on your roof. Removing debris, dirt, mold, algae, moss and staining from your roof is a popular maintenance service that we offer. Our experience & cleaning supplies, including special chemicals and detergents, will work perfectly to remove dirt & grime from your roof without incurring bleaching or discoloration.

Organisms like algae can actually feed on the components of roof shingles and shorten the useful life of your roof, so if you notice staining on your shingles, it is time to call us for a cleaning. Moss and dirt also attract insects that may invite themselves inside your home, which is why a good roof cleaning should be added to your yearly house maintenance.

A clean roof can prevent many common problems and will make your roof shine like it did when it was brand new.

Deck Cleaning and Preparation for Deck Staining or Deck Painting

deck refinishing deck cleaning - avon ct

Wood decks lose their resilience and ability to shed water as they age. The natural wood color turns grey and looks dull & worn out. A good pressure wash can help restore the wood closer to its original appearance, and a good coat of waterproofing sealant or colored stain will protect your deck for years to come.

Our crew uses a deck cleaning & restoration method that deep cleans the wood to remove all dirt & stains. We work diligently to remove mold, algae, and other harmful microorganisms to ensure that the new stains & sealers will adhere correctly and look amazing. Bring life back into your faded or weather-worn deck with our deck cleaning & maintenance services. We recommend applying a new coat of stain every three years to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and keep it looking brand new.

Check out this wonderful example of a “Before & After” deck refinishing service. A quick power wash & sealant can brighten a dull & drab deck, refreshing your backyard oasis and outdoor living space! Contact the pros at Franklin Painting to find out how we can help restore your worn out wooden deck.

Pressure Washing – Power Washing

Power Washing Services - Simsbury CT

Our licensed and insured crews are ready to tackle that dirty job of power washing that will bring your property back into ship-shape! Stubborn stains from oil, rust, mildew, and mold are all treatable with proper chemical rinses and power washing. Results are truly amazing, and homeowners feel like they have replaced the surface, not just cleaned it, because it actually looks brand new when our power washing crew is done.

Using both professional equipment and personnel, you can be sure that we won’t be just giving your home, driveway, boat or roof a quick rinse – we will be cleaning it! Depending on what the application calls for, we may use chemical rinses or detergents combined with low-pressure or high-intensity pressure washing.

If you are hiring Franklin Painting for exterior house painting we may recommend a thorough power washing first to assure good adhesion of the new coat of paint. This is essential if you have mildew or environmental build-up of any kind on the surface of your exterior walls, shutters and trim.

Exterior Pressure Washing - Central CTOur power washing skills and equipment can be put to use on many projects such as:

• Exterior Home Pressure Washing – aluminum, vinyl, wood, stone or brick siding
• Patio and Deck Pressure Washing
• Fence Pressure Washing
• Driveway Pressure Washing
• Walkway Pressure Washing
• RV and Bus Pressure Washing
• Boat Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning - Farmington Valley CT

Maintaining your gutters so that they are in proper working order is critically important to your home’s value. Prevent costly roof and gutter damage by making sure that your gutters and downspouts are clean and flowing correctly. Small animals like squirrels along with bees, ants and other insects can create blockages by the nests they build in downspouts throughout the dry season. This can clog your downspouts even if they gutters appear clean along your roofline.

Leaves and branches pose series problems for gutters on Connecticut homes. Seasonal changes and wind bring debris down on your roof and the leaves & twigs end up settling in the bottom of your gutters.

When gutters clog, water & rain cannot properly flow off of your roof. Instead, water may start seeping into your roof structure, causing rot and damage that can be extremely costly to repair. Gutters clogged with dry leaves and twigs may actually cause a house fire if a stray, burning ember from your chimney escapes and settles on the dry kindling.

Gutter Debris Removal - Avon CTIf a buildup of debris has settled in your gutters, water may begin to back up inside of the gutter channel and freeze during cold, winter nights. This can expand your gutter or even dislodge it from the roofline, causing serious damage.

Late fall is the best time to call us to schedule your gutter cleaning. It is necessary to remove any buildup leaves & debris before the temperatures drop below freezing. Winter can also bring debris & blockages to your gutters, so a quick examination in early spring can help you determine if a gutter cleaning is necessary. If you are unsure of the current condition of your gutters, contact us for assistance.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Simsbury CTWe offer window cleaning in conjunction with other services like exterior house painting or staining or pressure washing. As we access the exterior aspects of your home for painting, priming, and site prep, we can gladly add on a window cleaning service to bring the sparkle back to your home’s windows.  Our ladders, lifts and staging will make easy work of what can be an impossible task for many homeowners.

From cleaning your roof to cleaning the exterior of your home, your deck, or your driveway and sidewalk, our home maintenance services will keep your property in excellent shape and help your home to remain sight that everyone can enjoy. If you want to up the curb appeal of your home, give us a call and the pros at Franklin Painting will gladly tackle your home maintenance needs.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for Pressure Washing, Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Deck Cleaning, or Window Cleaning.